Living off of $20 for a week is a challenge. The wait for a paycheck has never felt longer, but somehow I'm making it work. Learning how to make life good even when it looks dark. Like praising when I get a chance and making someone's day better. It's more about what you give than what you receive. I know you hear that all the time but it's the truth. You get what you give. 

In my free time I go skate or edit photos. This is a re-edit of Justin Norman in the Stevens Pass street. Since I don't have the money to make my cash machine talk I've been writing and reading on creative moves. For instance, how to stay creative with what you have. It really isn't about that nice camera or using expensive oils or paint. It's about who you are and what you do with what you got. 


Apart from work and photos, I have been really loving this place. No doubt it's stressful, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just barf a lil, but I am really finding out what I'm made of. New city, new people, I definitely feel the spirit of the 90's here. People still don't like corporations and buy from local shops. Something I really love it but that's a whole nother topic there. I said I rely on myself which is not actually that good. Community is more important than an ego or proving something to yourself. I love the people that help through the grind. RAP!

Matthew Roebke