I want something else, I feel like I'm so alive but missing the thriving notch. I've found that the less I think the better my responses become. So just thinking though the important parts and letting everything else happen. Professional behind the clock and flip flop only dips when I'm off. A more ruthless editor and a more careless artist. Discipline balances Compassion. 

The mystery of Hood is babbling down, next week I can fill a tank and see the snow. I have a good feeling about it. Had a dream I was balling with shaq and he said to me, "Don't let your eyes off the ball, cause you gonna need it." Sometimes I feel like I over run the dream department and forget about the reality check. I Just look at the hoop and think about a tree pointer that changes the game. I have an ambitious Idea but I haven't thoroughly tested it out. Gotta keep my eyes on hood. 

Just some beauty on the side of the road before hyw 6

Just some beauty on the side of the road before hyw 6

Loving this life but here is a wild story. I had to go pee one morning at like 4am. As soon as I got back in the car and hit my pillow the dome light goes on. I'm like Woa, did I open the door? There was this guy standing outside, so I say, "What's up Brother?" he was kinda shocked but his reaction was to grab his junk and say, "I racked my nuts." So I give him a stern, "No you didn't, this isn't your car. Get out of here."  His voice got Deep and he rumbles back, "Watch what you say". I slam the door and grab my pocket knife thinking, Shit. I really do not want to use this. I open the door again and he's pedaling away on a rusty bmx bike. Needless to say I will be filling up a black belt in the distant future. Keep myself and others safe. 

Matthew Roebke