The adventure of a lifetime

   I went on a run two months ago and It changed everything. My friend/roomate, Jarad and I were taking a break at this little waterfall in Bellingham when he says to me, "Matt, I think I'm moving out." I was thinking on this too, bummed but relieved. I knew Bellingham was not for me and a couple months later I'm in Portland chasing my cream of becoming a photographer. I will miss hanging out with those guys up there but I couldn't be happier working toward this ambitious goal. 

   Photos are thrown at us every day, and it's tough to have your photos mean something in the sea of changes. Aware that someone can go nowhere fast, my goal is to make images that people have not seen before. Adding weight to them by showing intimacy and personality. My true goal is to open a Pizza Barn and sell pizza for a $1 a slice but that's another dream.

   While I only have four years of "Real Experience" I can see this goal happening. Pushing the camera and things around it to the max is pretty much all I do. I am living out of my car, driving to Mountain Bike races, to the Beach, and dodging other cars. It's actually not bad. I haven't had one bad night of sleep so far (although my super human ability is falling asleep at will on any surface). I have lived in my car before and I can say if you have to scrape by, it's the most luxurious way to get some. Working to make a portfolio, get a 30'x10' piece of muslin and make it up to Hood are my short term goals. I am at Next Adventure to keep my wallet kurbside and busking when I get the chance. It's all for the dream. 

   I'll update this thing onca week.